Brave New World by Neil Levin, is a Cosmic Blues tribute to the classic novel by Aldous Huxley, put into the context of the modern world. It's Rootsy, almost Reggae infused groove is a relatively unexplored sound from Neil, and that combined with his lethal guitar work, and timeless voice, is something to truly experience.

"Something I heard somewhere, that really resonated with me over the years, is how Reggae music has always been the perfect musical backdrop for creating powerful spiritual and social messages, and using the themes explored in Huxley's book alongside this idea, it created the perfect breeding ground for this song” - Neil

Gone Away by Neil Levin, appears initially to the senses as a modern eclectic rock song, but upon further inspection, reveals itself to be a true Blues song, with classic guitar ethics.

"Gone Away is an homage to the past with a modern spin. It's the kind of music we don't really hear much anymore, and a take on it that's unprecedented.” - Benjamin Relf (Producer on 'Gone Away' & 'Not Worthwhile')

Not Worthwhile by Neil Levin, is a personal tribute to the Blues. Setting the scene for his upcoming solo album, Cosmic Blues, the song is a return to the basics for the singer/songwriter/guitar player.

 "The Blues is at the center of everything I do musically, and for awhile, I felt like I had to disguise the Blues within my music, but with this upcoming album, and working with Ben Relf, there's a deep sense of 'f*ck it, let's just go full send on this whole blues thing!' " - Neil

Behind The Scenes

Neil recording the Cosmic Blues album with producer Benjamin Relf at his home studio in Orange County, CA.

Redefining The Blues for his own generation has been the theme of Neil's recent music projects. Cosmic Blues isn't just the name of his upcoming album, it's also a genre Neil has been pioneering, and working towards establishing since his conceptual Blue Roses saga, which started with his 2020 album I Want Blue Roses on My Grave and carried on into his 2022 album Sultry Have Gone The Roses. Neil is confident this new album will live up to its' title. 

"The idea behind the genre of Cosmic Blues is to incorporate elements of The Blues music I love, combine that with my passion for Psychedelia, and package that into something that is modern, yet sounds like it came from a long lost, slightly more technologically advanced version of the 1960's." - Neil

It has been a year of growth and progress for Neil. For starters, he got his Bachelors degree in music from Berklee School of Music, then, on top of that, he held jam band Counterconformity together for another year of rockin' music and shows, and, on top of that, joined a new band, Violet Iris, all while still making time to work on his upcoming solo album with producer Benjamin Relf and play shows with his band, The Neil Levin Band.

"I am very fortunate to have so many musical avenues to express myself, but my solo music, the stuff I release under my birth name, will always be the most personal, and special to me. I mean, how can it not be?" - Neil

New Album Cosmic Blues Coming Soon!

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